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Online Craps

СasinoС welcomes you to our site which is entirely devoted to the craps game online. Here you will find everything the online and offline craps player needs in order to carry a profitable and irreproachable game.

Today it’s practically impossible to figure out when people started to play craps, no matter if it was just to pass the time, to satisfy the need for competition, or to gain some profit. All we know is that the first craps games in the casino appeared in the mid-1990s. Of course the risk of introducing the new game was taken by Las-Vegas casino houses that in the end became the great gainers.

The popularity of the dice game which is widely-known as craps in the contemporary gaming industry is well-deserved.

  • Firstly, the craps odds are much more profitable if compared to other casino games.

  • Secondly, playing craps the player is able to control the game by throwing the dice, choosing the bet size, and deciding which bet to make. Despite in live casino the dices are rolled by the dealer with the help of the popper, in the home and street games the player himself is responsible for throwing out the dices.

  • Thirdly, craps can be played against (in the home game) and along with friends (in the casino).

  • Fourthly, the game rules are simple and complicated at the same time. It means, you have to learn the rules to start playing craps, but as you understand all the nuances the game will go with a run.

  • And fifthly, craps is considered to be a gambling, therefore playing craps you can be guaranteed to get a lot of great and fun experience.

Each craps-lover will certainly attribute to the game other positive qualities, and craps games are not limited to the mentioned above advantages, but they alone perfectly reveal the reasons of the game popularity and recognition.

Now the game is also available in the Internet. Numerous online casinos are offering its users to play craps online without the need to leave their houses. Such a trend has only strengthened the game reputation and favored the growth of the craps devotees’ base.

СasinoС is designed to be your guide in the big and fascinating world of online craps, and not online only. Our users are getting the most useful information about the current casino offers and the game play in general.

As all of you probably know, online craps game is slightly different from its offline counterpart. The difference lies not in the rules but in the flow of the game. In the judgment of the most contemporary players, it’s easier to start playing craps online, as in the Internet a lot of actions are automated. Besides, the web allows the user to play the game in the practice mode without the risk to lose real, hard-earned money, so that you could get adjusted to the table layout, action sequence, and betting options. The latter is presented in craps in many variants, including Pass Line Bet, Don't Pass Bets, Come Bets, Don't Come Bets, Place Bets, Place Bet to Win, Place Bet to Lose, Free Odds Bets, Free Odds after Pass Line Bet, Free Odds after the Don't Pass Line Bet, Free Odds after a Come Bet, Free Odds after a Don't Come Bet, Hard Way Bets, Big 6 Bet, Big 8 Bet, and One Roll Bets. But let these frightening list not scare you – it will take you only several games to feel completely at home being at craps online table.

So, no matter whether you are an experienced craps player or a newbie, to play craps games online you need to find and choose a comfortable and reliable casino among the great number of such presented in the web. At СasinoС we are carefully monitoring the best Internet casinos to offer you the best online craps options. We are bringing to your attention informative and useful craps casinos’ reviews with the links both to the casino page and downloading. Moreover for your convenience we are constantly updating our rating of the Best Casinos for Online Craps with the most advantageous promo-conditions and bonuses.

If you are not familiar with the game rules but are eager to start playing online craps, follow to our Craps Basics section. Here you will learn how to play craps, what are the craps rules, odds and payouts, why one should play free craps, and many other general things, which will surely help you to successfully take off.

The advanced players should visit our Craps Strategies section without fail. СasinoС keeps in sight all the helpful strategies which can be used in the online crap game – from basic and simple tips to advanced and more complicated tactical advices as well as effective betting strategies.

All the interesting and remarkable things about the game are posted in the All About Craps section. These articles are not designed to help you improve the game play but they will surely give you some insight into craps; and if you are able to understand the game - the win is round the corner.

СasinoС also provides the option to subscribe to our news and exclusive promotions. Thanks to our subscription you get all the necessary information by e-mail, indicated in the form. Following our updates you will provide yourself with the best craps game online experience without a doubt.
In general, СasinoС offers its users:

  • Craps theory: all the necessary information about craps online and offline.
  • Craps practice: reviews of the best online casinos in the web with the possibility to join one or several of them.
  • Craps bonuses: regularly updating rating of the most profitable promos and bonuses.

We will be glad to guide you to the world of online craps - follow us!


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